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For more than forty years, AURORA ALIMENTOS COMPANY has distinguished itself as a leading company in the production and marketing of the best pork in Mexico. Founded in 1972, the company was signed under the original name of Alpro by a small group of pig farmers in Hermosillo, Sonora. The initial objectives of the company were to join the efforts of independent producers to jointly market their production, mainly to Mexico City.
It was the union of efforts that resulted in substantial improvements in negotiating conditions and prices for the acquisition of inputs, greater volumes of product for high demands and the concentration of valuable experiences and contributions of its visionary founders.
Porcine farming in Sonora was born with modern technology, in large scales for the average of Mexico, with a first class sanitary level thanks to the climatic conditions and the population density. This mixture produced efficiencies and very competitive production costs to successfully access traditional markets in the center of the country.
The environment in Mexico during the origins of the company was that of an authoritarian economy closed to the outside world that, added to the growth strategy of the production-oriented company, left aside the attention of new demands and needs of markets and opportunities. what this represented; both in the domestic market and abroad.
In 1999, Grupo Alpro began a strategic alliance with Smithfield Foods Inc., a US company, a world leader in pork production and marketing. AURORA ALIMENTOS COMPANY emerges from this new alliance.
Since then, AURORA ALIMENTOS COMPANY has evolved to a concept of complete satisfaction of customer needs, which has led the company to the leadership position it currently enjoys.
1972: Foundation by a group of pig farmers from Hermosillo. 1980: Construction of the TIF trail # 66 1983: Construction of the sausage plant. 1990: Construction of the cutting, packing and freezing area 1991: Start of exports to Japan 1992: Modernization of slaughter line 1995: Modernization of the processed products plant. 1999: In November it changes the name of ALPRO to AURORA ALIMENTOS COMPANY 2000: Start of exportations of products "ready to eat" ("Ready to eat") to Japan and the United States. 2002: Extension of the cutting room and freezing area. 2004: The new mega-food mill starts operations. 2008: AURORA ALIMENTOS COMPANY receives the National Export Award. Recognized for being the exporter of pork no. 1 in Mexico during the last 3 years.